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  1. Diamond Digger Field Groomer Combo

    Diamond Digger Field Groomer Combo

    The Diamond Digger uses 4.5" sharpened & hardened steel cutting teeth that can be replaced when worn. Pneumatic wheels (included) allow you to roll for transport instead of carrying. Learn more >

  2. Cocoa Drag Mat

    Cocoa Mat Drag 6X2

    A perfect finish. The Cocoa Mat Drag seemingly floats over topdressing for a pro-style finish — without displacing topdressing or soil. Learn more >

  3. Big League Field Drag

    Big League Field Drag

    This field drag will condition a 6' wide path on one pass. Designed to break up dirt or cinders on the baseball field or track. With sharpened and hardened steel cutting teeth down, it tears up the dirt. With angle iron down, it levels the playing surface. Learn more >

  4. 5' x 3' Premium Nail Drag

    5' x 3' Premium Nail Drag

    $644.99 to $734.99

    Plastic lumber nail supports surrounded by welded steel frame for stiffness and durability with hardened 6"L x 1/4"D grooming spikes to provide long lasting grooming. The wheels and tongue make moving and storing these units easy. All attachment hardware & pull chains included. Learn more >

  5. Cut-N-Level Drag

    Cut-N-Level Drag

    The Cut-N-Level Drag is a 3 in 1 field drag. Not only does it smooth and level the surface, but it removes stones, and reduces moisture by pure design. The Cut-N-Level drag features flat steel cutting blades and a screen for rock removal. The cutting blades are slotted and attached to the main frame with bolts, allowing the operator to adjust the blades for the desired depth of cut. Learn more >

  6. 3'x2' Hand Nail Drag

    3'x2' Hand Nail Drag

    Ideal for scarifying baselines, cutouts, and home plate areas, as well as daily nail dragging of infield skin. Constructed of plastic lumber and hardened 1/4" steel spikes and can be pulled in either direction by simply changing the tow rope connection point. Fits easily between the 3 foot line & the foul line on the first base side. Pull rope included. Learn more >

  7. Heavy Duty Drag Mat 6'x4'

    Heavy Duty Drag Mat 6'x4'

    Same construction as standard drag mats, but includes heavy duty angle iron across front of mat & a heavy duty chain for pulling. 6'6" W X 4' L Learn more >

  8. All Steel Drag Mat

    All Steel Drag Mat

    $84.49 to $217.74

    Professional all steel drag mats including drag bar and rope. 4 sizes available. Perfect for grooming and maintaining baseball or softball infields. Learn more >

  9. Cutting Bar

    Cutting Bar

    $123.74 to $374.99

    Unique 6' asymmetrical cutting bar levels & smooths rough spots and eliminates ridge build-ups. The cutting bar is sized to match our 6'x6' drag mats & includes quicklink attachments. Drag mat sold separately. Learn more >

  10. Rigid Drag Mats

    Rigid Drag Mats

    $107.24 to $175.49

    Same as standard drag mat except mesh has been rotated 90° to make mat rigid which helps maximize its effectiveness to smooth out uneven surfaces. Cannot be rolled up for storage. Includes heavy-duty angle iron across front of mat and a rope with handle for pulling. Learn more >

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