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  1. Pro Lute Rakes

    Pro Lute Rakes


    Saw-tooth edge design makes this tool ideal for breaking-up and grading soil and top dressing. Magnesium / Aluminum head with strong wrap around bracing. 82" powder-coated handle connected to head with solid metal plug. Learn more >

  2. Aluminum Maintenance Rakes

    Aluminum Maintenance Rakes

    $38.99 to $51.99

    All aluminum construction designed for institutional use. Durable and lightweight with oversized teeth for easy field grooming and pit maintenance; use one side to rake and the other side to level. Easy on the back with 58" long handle. Learn more >

  3. Overseed Enhancing Tool

    Overseed Enhancing Tool

    12 self-sharpening steel star wheels penetrate any compacted soil. Perfect for overseeding wear areas on your field. Simply throw seed into wear area & maneuver tool several times over seeded area. Creates excellent seed-to-soil contact, critical for successful germination. 9" wide head with Ash wood handle. Learn more >

  4. 84" Double Play Monster Broom

    84" Double Play Monster Broom

    Durable 84" broom made of heavy duty aluminum construction with optional scarifying edge for breaking up packed soils. This broom gives your playing surface a professional look. Learn more >

  5. 84" 3-Row Monster Broom

    84" 3-Row Monster Broom

    This is the same 84" Monster Broom as above, but with 3 rows of bristles. It does not have the scarifying edge, so it is excellent for dressing softball or baseball infields and may also be used for sweeping warehouse floors, tennis courts and pavement. Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum. Learn more >

  6. 28" Infield Lip Broom

    28" Infield Lip Broom

    Heavy Duty 28" broom head with two rows of replaceable bristles and 5' powder-coated aluminum handle, bent to reduce back strain. Ideal for brushing top-mix out of turf to resist lip formation. Use back side to scrape and break-up hard dirt. Learn more >

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