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6" Black Bungee Loops (30 Pack)-1225

Bungee Loops

From: $0.50

Our 6″ ball-end bungee loops are a great way to quickly fasten a netting panel to your framework. These work well both with panels with rope borders and flat panels that have a web border and grommets. Color: Black.

5' x 7' Vinyl Backdrop-195

5′ x 7′ Vinyl Backdrop


Dramatically extend the life of your batting cage with our heavy duty vinyl backdrop.

Impact Panel - #18 HDPE-0

10′ x 10′ Netting Backdrop


Extend the life of your batting cage with our 10' x 10' heavy duty netting back drop.

5' x 7' Netting Backdrop

5′ x 7′ Netting Backdrop


Extend the life of your batting cage with our 5′ x 7′ heavy duty netting back drop.

Cage Hangers and Carabiner Clips

Cage Hangers and Carabiner Clips

From: $35.00
Zinc Plated Steel Pulleys

Zinc Plated Steel Pulleys

From: $3.00

Move your batting cage with ease. These multi-purpose zinc plated pulleys can be used to suspend your batting cage or flat panel and easily move it out of the way in seconds.

Attach these to your cage and suspend from cables to create a system that allows you to slide the cage out of the way when not in use. Or, use multiple pulleys where you need to lift a panel or cage vertically. Features a 1-1/4″ sheave that will accept 1/8″ through 5/16″ rope or cable. Zinc galvanized finish. Package of 10.

Concrete Free Commercial Batting Cage Installation Kit

Concrete Free Commercial Batting Cage Installation Kit

From: $221.00

No Concrete Needed!

Most batting cage installations require concrete, which adds extra cost and time. We’ve come up with a way to get around that. By driving heavy duty steel anchors deeper into the ground, soil pressure secures the anchor and the pole, eliminating the need for concrete. The kit consists of heavy steel location anchors for each of the vertical poles, drill bit to facilitate the installation of the anchors, and a complete set of instructions.

Please see details for installation requirements

Heavy Duty Batting Cage Stake Down Kit

Heavy Duty Batting Cage Stake Down Kit

From: $129.00

If your batting cage will be exposed to high winds and/or severe weather, these kits are a must. Kits include 21″ heavy duty zinc-galvanized ground stakes, enough rope to make your guy wires, heavy duty 7mm galvanized carabiners, and complete instructions to secure your batting cage firmly to the ground. Our stakes have a hole at the top, making it possible to drive the stakes flush into the ground (typically for grounds keeping purposes). Kits will work with either the commercial or our trapezoid frame setups.
Check out our video below!

Batting Cage Frame Corner Kit

Batting Cage Frame Corner Kit

From: $179.00

All hardware and fittings
Cage hangers and snap clips
Instructions Included

Ground Sleeves

Ground Sleeves

From: $120.00

If you plan on taking your frame down during the off season, ground sleeves are a must. Ground sleeves greatly add to the stability of your batting cage frame. These can be used on the four outside corners, or for all of the vertical poles.

  • tension bolts to secure poles and allow the frame to be removed during off-season
  • welded steel construction with black powdercoat finish
  • caps are included for easy installation into cement footing

Batting Cage Golf Insert

Turn your batting cage into a driving range!

Designed to fit perfectly into a 12′ high x 14′ wide batting cage, this insert has a small enough mesh to allow you to use one end of your batting cage for golf. Plus, the insert provides additional reinforcement right where you need it most, above the plate (foul tip area), and behind the plate.

LPM9 Low Seam Baseball (dozen)

LPM9 Low Seam Baseball (dozen)


With these low seam balls, your practice becomes just like the game. The ball is 9” in diameter and covered with full grain leather just like game balls. The difference is the seams. These balls have flat seams made from Kevlar so they won’t break, or tear up your pitching machine. The core of the ball is made from cork and rubber so it reacts just like a game ball.