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HDPE #36 for Trapezoid Batting Cages

Freestanding Batting Cage Package Deal

From: $1,008.00 From: $927.20

Our most popular and affordable batting cage package, the Trapezoid Package gives you the most Value. The HDPE #36 netting is an excellent batting cage net.

Sizes Available: 35', 55', 70'

Package Includes:
  • #36 HDPE Batting Cage Net
  • Frame Kit w/ Poles
  • Standard L-Screen
  • 10' x 10' Net Impact Panel
  • Stake Kit
Economy Frames

Free Standing Batting Cage System

From: $670.00

Commercial Quality at a Backyard Price. The shape allows us to use lighter tubing, but we still incorporate tubing that is dramatically heavier and stronger than others. Two people can set this up and tear it down in under an hour. This trapezoid batting cage is perfect for backyards and small spaces. The cage is also free standing so you don’t have to mess up your yard with any permanent fixtures. Set it up when the season starts, take it down and store it when it ends!


  • #36 HDPE Knotless Net
  • Frame Kit w/ Poles
  • Stake Down Kit
  • Sizes available: 35′, 55′ or 70′ (Deep)
Economy Batting Cage Anchoring System

Trapezoid Batting Cage Anchoring System

From: $29.00

The Trapazoid Batting Cage Anchoring System is ideal for economy batting cages that will be exposed to high winds and/or severe weather. Kits include 12″ aluminum stakes designed with kinks to ensure stakes do not easily pull out of the ground. Anchoring systems are available for our 35′, 55′, and 70′ Economy Batting Cages.