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Outfield Fencing-0

150′ Outfield Fencing- Complete Package


This package includes150′ of woven polyester fencing material, 16 SmartPoles (with cleats), a punch-pilot hole tool, socket setter, and installation sheet.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Base

Heavy-Duty Rubber Base


Official size. Can be used for indoor or outdoor play. Suction grip underneath to prevent slippage. Solid white molded rubber construction. No spikes. Price per base.

Single Fold Backstop Padding

Single Fold Backstop Padding

From: $110.00

18.5 oz vinyl covers with 1-3/8 in., 2 in., and 4 in. dense foam filler. Pads are made to fold in half for storage and shipping. Grommets along top, bottom, and sides for anchoring. Suitable as padding for baseball backstops.

Note: Prices shown apply to quantities of 2 or more. For single purchases, please call to order. Custom sizes also available.

Chain-link Winged Backstops

Chain-link Winged Backstops

From: $1,725.49

All backstops are assembled from 5′ x 10′ prefabricated panels with optional 45 degree angle side wings bolted to 2-3/8″ O.D. pipe frames. Panels are 1-5/16″ O.D. galvanized tubing with 9 gauge galvanized woven wire. Tough backstops resist vandalism, and priced substantially less than parts plus installation cost of most standard models. The panels can be replaced or re-screened individually, making total re-screening unnecessary.

Premium Leno Poly Windscreen

Premium Leno Poly Windscreen


Leno polypropylene is an excellent quality windscreen when color options are not important. Ideal for high wind areas, with special reinforcing threads and grommets on all 4 sides at 18″ intervals to resist tearing and spreading. Features ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent sun damage. Standard heights are 6′ and 9′, and custom fabricated to any length you desire. 9′ high Poly includes center tape (extra row of grommets along the center of the panel). Boxed air vents are optional and may be desired depending on wind exposure and the durability of your fence.Suggested minimum order is 300 sq ft. Orders will typically be cut into 50′ sections for convenient shipping and easier installation. Custom cuts and fabrication are available.

Enter desired length for cut quantity.

Set of 16 Smart Poles & Ground Sockets

Set of 16 Smart Poles & Ground Sockets


Set of sixteen (16) 60″ SmartPoles, and sixteen (16) ground sockets. Made from Hi-Strength polymer. Quick install with punch pilot hole tool, socket setter and install sheet. Hang fencing on cap and sleeves. Adjust tension as needed. Tension as needed. Includes yellow poly rope and tie wraps for added stability.

Throw Down Complete Base Set


For indoor and outdoor use. Includes: 3 bases, home plate, pitcher’s rubber. Per Set

Throw Down Bases


Unique waffle bottom design. Easy solution for indoor and outdoor game’s. Sold in sets of three.

Schutt Spiked Home Plate


5 spikes included. Black beveled edge. Rubber Constructed. Per Each

Schutt Pro Home Plate


Rugged, molded rubber construction with mounted steel stanchion. Ground anchor included. Per Each

Replacement Rubber

From: $55.15

Sold individually.

Jack Corbett MLB Hollywood Base


High School, College and Pro – The Jack Corbett Hollywood base, proudly made by Schutt Sports, remains the official base of Major League Baseball and is used on every MLB field. Extended, tapered lip virtually eliminates edge turn up. Engineered to better withstand bad weather and also includes special ultraviolet inhibitors. Added tensile strength to prevent most cuts and tears. Comes with 6″ stanchion. Ground plugs and anchors sold separately. Per Single Base