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  • Feeds balls at 6 second intervals
  • Holds up to 20 baseballs or 15 softballs
  • Adjustable metal tripod stand
  • May be used with any BATA machine
  • Operates off 110 Volt AC
  • May be used with Cordless
    or Plug-In Remote On/Off
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Click here for previous model
    Owner's Operating Manual
  • BATA Auto Ball Feeder vs JUGS Auto Ball Feeders
Feeder cover

Feeder cover

Index Assembly for Auto Feeder

Index Assembly for Auto Feeder

Cordless Remote On/Off for Auto Feeders

Cordless Remote On/Off for Auto Feeders


Wireless on/off switch controls any electric auto feeder. Installs in minutes with no wiring needed.

  • @120 VAC
  • 1560W Resistive
  • 960W Incandescant
  • 100′ range
  • For indoor and outdoor use in temperatures from -20° F to 150° F
20 Baseball / 15 Softball Auto Feeder-1407

20-Bb / 15-Sb Combination Auto Feeder


20-Bb / 15-Sb Combination Auto Feeder.

Eliminate the need for a pitching machine operator with this auto-feeder. Load it with up to 20 baseballs and let it go. it will release a ball every 7 seconds.