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DuraTurf™Batter’s Box Pro Deluxe Mats

From: $359.00

The Pro Deluxe Batter's Box Mat is our top of the line batter's box mat. Both the lines and home plate are fiber-inlaid, and the whole mat is spike resistant. It is a perfect choice for either indoor or outdoor use.

DuraTurf™Batter's Box Pro Deluxe Mats

DuraTurf™ Pro Batter’s Box Mats

From: $319.00

Unlike most batter’s box stance mats, the DuraTurf™ pro-mat features fiber-inlaid lines and a painted plate. This 52 oz. nylon mat is spike resistant, and perfect indoor and outdoor use.

6x12 Residential Batter's Box

6×12 Residential Batter’s Box


This mat is spike resistant, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This durable mat is made from 48 oz. polypropylene. Features stripes and a plate painted on the mat to improve a batter’s stance.

DuraTurf™ Stance Mats

DuraTurf™ Stance Mats

From: $124.00

52 oz. Nylon DuraTurf™ stance mats are incredibly durable and spike resistant. Covers one side of the batter’s box.

  • Spike resistant
  • Excellent foot traction
  • Perfect for batting cage and dugouts
DuraTurf™ Batting Cage Ground Covers & Mats

DuraTurf™ Batting Cage Ground Covers & Mats

From: $1.20

Cover one end or cover the entire floor. Our DuraTurf™ ground cover and mats are available in 25 oz. padded and 12-1/2 oz. un-padded versions. The padded version is spike resistant and can be used with cleats.

Price is per square foot. Please call to order.