Softball Fast Track Standalone


The Softball FastTrack can be standalone for softball only fields or it can be attached to the Big Brown Mound System for multi-sport play. If used as a standalone product or simply attached to the BBM Mound System, multiple rubber locations are located at: 35’, 40’, 43’, or 46’. Custom rubber locations are available also.  Please call for details.

  • Softball FastTrack, depending on your application (synthetic, skinned, or grass), solves an age old problem of worn out footing at the rubber and stride landing areas by utilizing our patent pending Replaceable Traffic Trays.
  • Softball FastTrack is Patent Pending and includes patent pending easy change rubber receptacles.  These rubber receptacles can also be custom fitted to pre-determined distances.  Please call for details.
  • Eliminates pitching area grounds keeping before and during games.
  • Softball FastTrack allows for consistent, repeatable mechanics for all softball pitchers.