Cage Hangers and Carabiner Clips

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Carabiner Clips (50 pack) $35.00
Net Hanger Kit (50 pack) $49.00
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2 reviews for Cage Hangers and Carabiner Clips

  1. Matt beckner

    Can these carabiner clips be used outdoors? And how big are they?

    • BCI

      Yes, they can be used outdoors. They are on the smaller size, but work great with netting.

  2. Kenneth Supersano

    Does the net hanging kit come with the carabiners?

    • BCI

      Not exactly sure what you are looking at, but our hanging kit is sold with the frame kit. And, yes it has ropes and carabineers.

    • Kenneth Supersano

      the Net Hanger Kit you sell for $49. Does it come with both the carabiners and the pre-cut lengths of rope?

      • BCI

        Yes it does!

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