Nylon #42 Square Hung Batting Cage Net

////Nylon #42 Square Hung Batting Cage Net
#36 HDPE Batting Cage Net

Nylon #42 Square Hung Batting Cage Net

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Every BCI batting cage net is assembled using computerized sewing machines in our ISO9002 certified manufacturing facility. First the rope is woven in and out through the netting. Next, our machines tightly weave a thick cord around the rope perimeters in a positive locking pattern called Posi-Lock, that provides the strongest possible bind between the netting and the rope.

  • Square-Hung Batting Cage Net
  • Center rib line for additional suspension support
  • Over flap door at one end for ease of entry
  • Extended tails for ease of installation
  • Full 5/16″ braided rope borders on all edges
  • External UV protective Coating
Size PriceQuantity
12’H x 14’W x 70’L $1,332 $1,129
12’H x 12’W x 70’L $1,237 $1,049
12’H x 14’W x 55’L $1,108 $939
12’H x 12’W x 55’L $1,025 $869

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5 reviews for Nylon #42 Square Hung Batting Cage Net

  1. Bob

    Looking to purchase custom size batting cage net (net only), Nylon gauge #42 12′ wide x 10′-6″ high x 48′ long. looking for D rings in each corner and on center support rope. Can you produce? cost?

    • BCI

      Hi Bob, we’ve sent you a quote directly to you. Thanks for your inquiry.

    • Teddy

      I need a batting cage net for 10’ high 12’ wide and 56’ long

      • BCI

        We have those…give us a call at 800-463-6865. We can help!

    • Tom vickery

      Need a 70’x12’x12′ nylon UV treated with corner rings

      • BCI

        We can do that…we will email you something to chew on!

  2. Lincoln

    What is the weight on a 55’ length cage

    • BCI

      Hi, thanks for your question. Someone from our team will email you directly. We have a few different types of cages available. Please call us at 1(800)463-6865 if you’d like to explore our options. We also have all of our batting cage packages here as well as a helpful video on choosing the right cage. We’re looking forward to serving you!

  3. Ernie Misak

    Which net is stronger, most durable and will hold up better in the 95-100 degree heat and strong winds in Kansas?
    #36 KVX200 or Nylon #42 Square Hung or is there a better choice? Looking for 12 X 14 X 70. Please provide quotes also for a City/School replacement net. Actually, I’m looking to purchase two (2).

    • BCI

      The best net for you to consider is our KVX200 #42. We can certainly provide quotes as well. I will email you our quote for two 12 x 12 x 70 cages.


      BCI Team

  4. Steve Scheri

    Looking for outdoor replacement net for 14’x 70’ cage. It is for HS varsity players and gets a lot of use. Cage is stored in winter months. What is your reccommendation – netting number and type of material?

    • BCI

      Awesome…our 14 x 14 x 70 #42 HDPE would be a great fit! Please call us at 800-4636-6865 or email us at sales@battingcagesinc.com


  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joseph L Christou

    I’m looking for a 16 ft high x 14 ft wide by 65 ft long. Can you provide me with a quote for nylon #30 and #36?

    Delivered to Ellicott city, MD 21043

    Net will hang from 3 steel ropes running along the 65 length, so I’ll need a center line as well.

    Joe C

    • BCI

      Hi there…please give us a call so we can provide you with a quote” 800-463-6865.


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