Iron Horse

From: $3,649.00 From: $3,284.10

  • Length: 35'-70'
  • Width: 12'-14'
  • Height: 12'
  • 4″ steel frame
  • No holes or cement required (cement installation optional)
  • #42 Bear Trap net
  • Stakes down with 16 jumbo ground stakes (included)
  • Removable
  • Includes all required hardware
  • Vinyl backdrop w/ 2 hanging cords


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Size PriceQuantity
12’H x 12’W x 35’D $3,740.00 $3,366.00
12’H x 12’W x 55’D $3,754.00 $3,441.17
12’H x 12’W x 70’D $3,846.00 $3,461.40
12’H x 14’W x 35’D $3,649.00 $3,284.10
12’H x 14’W x 55’D $3,778.00 $3,401.00
12’H x 14’W x 70’D $3,873.00 $3,486.00
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1 review for Iron Horse

  1. Caleb

    How strong are these cages? What kind of wind resistance can they withstand?

    • BCI

      Hi…The Iron Horse can be installed using concrete and a J Bolt (Plates are bolted down with a washer and nut) or it can be staked down with heavy duty stakes. Either way, it is a very solid batting cage system. If you think wind might be an issue then you might consider sliding the netting to one end of the cage after use or before a storm. The netting slides on cables and is very user friendly. In the event you cannot slide the netting to one end or the other prior to a storm, then the system performance in wind/storm will be dependent upon how well the frame system is staked down. If you choose to utilize concrete and the J bolt to attach and bolt down the frame, then in most cases your Iron Horse will perform very well. Hope this helps!

    • Brian Charczenko

      Is it necessary to have an additional frame? I have a building that I’d like to use.

      • BCI

        You don’t necessarily need a Frame if you have a method for attaching cables – the netting can then slide on the cables. Feel free to call us at 800-463-6865.

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