Trapezoid Batting Cage Pole Kit

Trapezoid Batting Cage Pole Kit

Trapezoid Batting Cage Pole Kit

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Our freestanding trapezoid pole kits are designed for ease of setup and takedown, featuring spring button connectors. Poles are 1-3/8″ outside diameter and are sectioned to 5′ for ease of shipping and storage. We’ve added a black powder coated finish to not only give the poles a great look, but also protect them so they’ll last longer outdoors. Corner pieces are not included but can be purchased here.

What you’ll need to complete your trapezoid batting cage

Size PriceQuantity
70' $449
55' $369
35' $294

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4 reviews for Trapezoid Batting Cage Pole Kit

  1. Eric

    What are the corner to corner ground dimensions of the trapezoid #32 HDPE batting cage net package?

    • BCI

      The width of the cage is 14′ 6″ at the bottom. The cage comes in 35′, 55′ and 70′ lengths.

  2. Jason Luster

    Is this the entire frame? We purchased the package last year that included the net, but the frame was damaged in a storm so we need a new frame. Our net is fine, just need the entire frame.

    • BCI

      Sorry to hear about your Frame damage! Give us a call and we help you get Replacement Poles.

    • J. Edwards

      As the question above, is this the entire frame? If I get this and the net, am I good to go?

  3. Rated 3 out of 5

    Bill Bertolotti

    Does this include both the poles and connectors (corner and otherwise)? I have my own net just need a full frame replacement. I purchased a cage and machine from you many years ago.

    • BCI

      Yes…the Trapezoid Pole Kit comes with all the elbow/corner pieces that you will need. Thank you!

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jose Olarte

    One question? The 35-inch frame consists of how many 5-inch tubes?

    • BCI

      Well…this Frame System doesn’t have any 5″ tubes. But, if you are talking 5 foot poles, then this Frame System has 33 – 5 Foot poles.

      Does this help??

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