Big Bubba Pro Portable Batting Cage

///Big Bubba Pro Portable Batting Cage

Big Bubba Pro Portable Batting Cage


The Big Bubba Professional Batting Cage is constructed with 2″ heavy-wall aluminum tubing, heavy duty weather-treated netting, and heavy vinyl-coated nylon skirt. Collapses to only 5′ high to limit storage space requirements. Two pneumatic side wheels and a rear steering wheel make relocation simple. 42′ of ricochet cushion minimizes ball rebound and reduces damage to frame. Specify skirt color when ordering.

Dimensions: 16.5’W X 11.25’D X 11’H

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Dimensions & Specs
  • Dimensions Open:16.5’W X 11.25’D X 11’H.
  • Dimensions Folded: 16.5W x 11.25’D x 3.75’H
  • Tubing: 2″ heavy-wall aluminum
  • Netting: #600 HTTPP
  • Wheels: 16″
  • Ricochet Cushion: 42′


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