MacGregor™ Magnetic Super Base

///MacGregor™ Magnetic Super Base

MacGregor™ Magnetic Super Base


Reduce the risk of serious injury to sliding players with this unique base designed for all ages. According to Rule 1.06 of the Little League rule book, beginning with the 2008 season, it has become mandatory that all leagues utilize bases that disengage their anchor.

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Complete Base includes: One (1) base, base cover, stanchion pan, ground insert and 3 interchangeable plates to adjust holding strength

  • Base releases when the magnetic attraction between the base and magnetic fixture are overcome by excessive force from a short slide.
  • 3 different plate sizes that bolt to the bottom of the base pan to adjust the holding strength of the base to the anchor.
  • Base cover has a ribbed surface design to reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Durable rubber base cover and steel stanchion pan for excellent durability.
  • Regulation size 15″ x 15″ x 3″.
  • Designed to fit all female style ground anchors, not included.


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