LPM12 Low Seam Softball (dozen)

LPM12 Low Seam Softball (dozen)

LPM12 Low Seam Softball (dozen)


These 12″ low seam softballs are made specifically for pitching machine use. Often times, people are forced to use dimpled balls to work with their pitching machine. Many people believe these dimpled balls can damage expensive composite bats and would prefer to use a real game ball during practice. The problem with doing that is regulation yellow softballs are painted yellow. The paint comes off onto the pitching machine wheels causing them to lose their grip on the ball. This reduces accuracy and speed of the successive pitches. With these Pro Nine Low Seam Softballs, these problems are eliminated. Not only do they look, feel, and react like game balls, but they are also dyed yellow so there will be no transfer onto the wheels of your pitching machine.

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