Sports Tutor TriplePlay Pro

////Sports Tutor TriplePlay Pro

Sports Tutor TriplePlay Pro


  • 40 to 90 mph pitch speed
  • Standard or low seam baseballs
  • Dimple or RIF baseballs
  • Ball exit height – 56″ above ground
  • 115V standard grounded outlet
  • 175 lbs
  • 65″H x 28″W x 26″D
  • Made in the USA

Use TriplePlay Pro in the batting cage for batting practice, or on the field for both batting and fielding practice. TriplePlay Pro’s versatility allows your fielders to practice both groundballs and flyballs. TriplePlay Pro is also simple to transport. Just set it down and use the four transport wheels to push it across the field. TriplePlay Pro can pitch regulation baseballs and dimple baseballs.

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Baseball $2,995.00
Softball $2,995.00
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Batting practice just got easier. Simply push a button to choose the type of pitch you want. The TriplePlay Pro pitching machine can automatically throw fastballs, sinkers, curves and sliders. The pitch speed is adjustable from 40 to 90mph in 5mph increments, and is digitally displayed.


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