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Hitting Tips from Carlos #10: Visualization

Hitting Tips from Carlos #10: Visualization

"In this video I'm gonna show you how to create a personal highlight reel of yourself to boost your confidence before the games. Visualization is a tool used to help you or hurt you. One big challenge that every athlete has is that they can clearly see whatever they want to visualize or they can not do it very quickly. So, you're going to create a highlight reel of yourself playing your best and now you're going to keep it in your phone. 60 seconds is all you need to get started. Gather at least 5 clips of yourself performing at your best that you want to repeat and at least 5 athletes that you want to model your skills after. Even the best players in the game find part of their game that they want to improve. Now take those 10 or more clips and trim them to create a highlight reel. This is kind of like a high school athlete creating a highlight reel to get recruited. Here's a huge benefit. It will distract you from negative thoughts that normally pop up. This will build your mental muscle and make situations easier to visualize when you don't have your highlight reel to look at. I applied this during my pro baseball career where I used to watch my highlight reels before my game started and there was no doubt that I used it to boost my confidence before I step into the field. If you want a part 2 on how to improve even more your highlight reel let us know in the comments!" - Carlos Garcia

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