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Carga Baseball Hitting Tips

Carlos Garcia (owner of Carga Baseball) has partnered with Batting Cages Inc. to give you the best batting/hitting tips to improve your swing. Each week we will post one of his hitting tips.

About Carlos:

"As the son of a former minor league baseball player (Boston Red Sox), I was born with baseball in my DNA. I signed with the Kansas City Royals in 2008 at the age of sixteen years old. I spent thirteen years in the minor leagues, mostly with the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants organizations. Throughout my career, I played in multiple professional baseball leagues including the Venezuelan winter league, Mexican summer league, and Independent League. I have most experience as an infielder, but I also played outfield during the last half of my career.

I am currently the head coach for the travel baseball organization, Delaware Elite Baseball. I also provide personal lessons, group clinics, and camps to both baseball and softball athletes." - Carlos Garcia

Tips from Carlos

Batting Drills

Hitting Tips from Carlos #1: Double Tee Batting Drill

"My name is Carlos Garcia, a former professional player for the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants. Hey, guys. If you want to improve your bat path, how to get on the plane with the ball, and how to stay through the baseball as long as possible. Here is one drill that I do."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #2: Three Punch Batting Drill

"This drill, I call it three punches. I'm going to set up one baseball on top of the tee. One baseball in front of it and one baseball on top of the home plate. The main goal for this drill is to be able to work within a path where I get in contact with the first ball..."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #3: Batting Stance

"For this drill I need you to get into your stance and get in front of a net or a wall. From your launch position, slowly start practicing your turn and stopping as soon as..."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #4: Distance from the Plate

"...a bad habit that I see a lot especially with young hitters is how close they are from the plate. They don't have a good understanding on how to measure the distance that they need to have in between the plate and them."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #5: 100% Focus

"When you come into the batters box you want to make sure that every single swing you take is with a purpose. You're trying to visualize something that is going to happen in one of your games."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #6: Pulling Inside

"Another habit I see a lot is guys taking that first swing and trying to pull it instead of using the big part of the field to hit the ball to the other way. Guys, try to start your batting practice hitting the ball to the other way to train and visualize the way how the ball should be hit..."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #7: Lead Arm

"In this video, I am showing you how to utilize your lead arm properly to create space and direction through your swing. The lead arm goal is to create space and direction by trying to substitute the front elbow with the knob of the bat."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #8: How to Load

"Hey guys, it's coach Garcia and today I am going to show you a few things that you could be doing wrong during your load. First of all, you want to make sure that you sync into your back hip regarding what you do with your..."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #9: Yoga Wedge Drill

"If you're constantly lunging at the ball and landing super heavy on your front leg, adding a yoga wedge under your front foot is going to help you out to maintain your space and..."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #10: Visualization

"In this video I'm going to show you how to create a personal highlight reel of yourself to boost your confidence before the games. Visualization is a tool used to help you or hurt you. One big challenge that every athlete has is..."

Hitting Tips from Carlos #11: Swing Sequence

"Quick question, on that swing, which part of your body, right, if we just cut your body in half and you have to choose one part of your body that you felt on that last swing that started moving first, which one was it? Your lower half of your upper half?"

Hitting Tips from Carlos #12: Three Simple Tools

"Hey Batting Cages Inc. fam. In todays video I'm going to show you real quick three simple tools that you probably already have at home that are gonna help you out to enhance your swing during the off season. Lets go!"