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Hitting Tips from Carlos #11: Swing Sequence

Hitting Tips from Carlos #11: Swing Sequence

Youth baseball player takes a swing lunging and missing a baseball thrown to him by Carlos Garcia. 

"Oh, yeah you did!" Carlos Garcia said.

"Quick question, on that swing, which part of your body, right, if we just cut your body in half and you have to choose one part of your body that you felt on that last swing that started moving first, which one was it? Your lower half of your upper half?"

"Upper" the child said. 

"Upper. Right, so that sequence is messed up if we work like that. What's the first part of your body you need to attack the ball with? Lower or upper?"


Carlos nods his head in approval. 

"Then the upper is going to follow. That way we buy time and we gain speed up to your body instead of doing the opposite. I want to attack from the hips then following the upper half okay?"

 Child takes an excellent swing at the next baseball after applying Carlos' advice. 

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