Batting Cage Packages

All of our batting cage packages for sale include a frame, batting cage net, and all material needed to set up and use. Everything from the backyard to extreme-duty usage. Call us if you’re not sure which one will best suit your needs.

If you're not sure what to look for when purchasing a batting cage, check out this article to help you become better educated on what to consider when buying a batting cage

BATTING CAGES INC 12'H x 12'W x 55'L / Single Mastodon™ Engineered Batting Cage System

Mastodon™ Engineered Batting Cage System

from $5,619.00

The Mastodon™ batting cage frame system includes 8.625″ outside diameter structural steel pipes coated with the same finish used on the Alaska Pipe...

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BATTING CAGES INC Batting Cage 12'Hx12'Wx35'D / Yes Iron Horse Complete Frame Kit

Iron Horse Complete Frame Kit

from $3,599.00

Included with the Iron Horse Complete Frame Kit: Iron Horse Frame Iron Horse Hardware Kit Include Net (optional)

What Batting Cage is right for you?
There are two styles of batting cages to choose from: the 'shoe-box' style and the trapezoid. Both styles have your great advantages, it all depends on your needs, space, and budget.

The Trapezoid Cage
The trapezoid is a free-standing batting cage. Its shape is 10 feet at the top and about 15 feet at the bottom which gives the cage stability while being completely portable. You can set up the batting cage in 30 minutes and when you're done you can tear it down and pack it up. 

The Trapezoid model is the perfect batting cage for the budget conscious buyer without sacrificing quality: a great batting cage for a great price.

The Shoe-box Style Cage
The shoe-box style is a large rectangle - the standard batting cage shape - like a shoe-box. It is a more permanent installation and gives the batter more room to swing. 

The shoe-box is an excellent choice for a high-end backyard cage and will also hold up in a commercial setting.

What Size Cage Do We Recommend?
We recommend getting a batting cage with a 14ft width. It will give the batter a realistic practice space, allowing to develop good batting habits.

Our shoe-box batting cages include the Commercial and the Mastodon

At Batting Cages Incorporated, we're baseball players too. And our goal is to find you the best batting cage for your specific needs.

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