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Custom Cages & Netting Projects

Requirements for homeowners associations are getting tougher, and commercial facilities often have codes or specifications that are difficult to understand or meet. The sales team at BCI has the experience to meet these challenges head-on. Using innovation and creative thinking, we find practical solutions that meet your budget and project requirements.

BCI’s manufacturing facility is qualified to manufacture and produce systems for indoor and outdoor installations. Our experience ranges from high-end backyard installations to multi-stall indoor batting practice facilities. Our installers do custom facilities and are qualified to manufacture and work on indoor or outdoor systems. So whether you are looking for a ten cage indoor system or a single cage in your backyard, consider BCI. Our craftsmen have been building batting cages for over 25 years – compare the quality!

Tell us about your project, we can help!

Outdoor practice facilities

We build custom outdoor facilities that can fit with your existing structures or space. If you want a turnkey solution, our experienced installers are the perfect answer.

Indoor practice facilities and gymnasium conversions

We can create single or multiple cages that fit inside your existing gym or indoor facility. Have a multi-use space? Combine a custom indoor system with our motorized or winch driven assemblies to lift or slide the cage(s) out of the way.

Custom stadium wall pads

We have several wall padding templates to reduce cost here. If those do not meet your needs, give us a call and we’ll design a solution just for you.

Netting systems for foul territory or behind home plate

Need to protect your fans or other teams from stray balls? We have designed and installed thousands of large protection systems for baseball, golf and special use.

If you have an idea you would like to discuss – give us a call at 1-800-463-6865 , or contact one of our qualified sales staff.