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Hitting Tips from Carlos #5: 100% Focus

Hitting Tips from Carlos #5: 100% Focus

"Hey guys what's going on. Its coach Garcia and today we're going to be talking real quick about the most common bad habits that I see with youth hitters when they walk into a batting cage. 

Another bad habit that I see a lot is you guys walking into the batters box and still talking to your teammates and not being 100% focused and staying locked in with your coach or even when your swinging the bat on your own you guys are talking about something that's not even related to baseball. Then, you take swings for granted.

When you come into the batters box you want to make sure that every single swing you take is with a purpose. You're trying to visualize something that is going to happen in one of your games. So, you start building experience and confidence when that situation comes to you in the middle of the game." - Carlos Garcia

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