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Click Here To Save Up To 25% During Our Christmas Sale! Savings Will End 12/16 @ Midnight PST


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Eagle Backyard Golf Practice Net
michael arden (Los Angeles, California)

Eagle Backyard Golf Practice Net

Cordless BATA B1-Curve
ROB WERMELING (Columbia, Ohio)

Cordless BATA B1-Curve

Speed Control Circuit Board
Donnie Orsak (Magnolia, Texas)
Great service

Great service, team double checked to make sure I was ordering what I needed and not what I thought I needed which helped reduce the back and forth movement of parts along with wasted time. Great team east to work with. All in all it was a great experience as a customer

3ft x 3ft Delta Target Golf Hitting Impact Net
Tim W. (Camarillo, California)
The best target impact net

I’ve had my Cadillac hitting cage since March of 2007. I have repainted the poles once, replaced the 10x10 cage netting once and the target impact net twice counting this one. The products are very durable and can take a beating. If you are the market for the best hitting cages in the market,, this is THE PLACE…..PARBUSTER

Wow! Thanks for the awesome review on the Cadillac Golf Cage! You've had your cage longer than anyone I've ever interacted with! We're so happy that you've had your Cadillac cage for 16 years and it's still going strong. Thanks for writing in and letting us know. We appreciate your purchases over the years!


Ultra Duty Delta Golf Impact Panel
Tim A. (Pinehurst, North Carolina)
Great stuff

ParBuster makes very high quality nets. And their customer service is awesome.

Thanks for your purchase and for your kind words!


Do your homework before buying

Ordered the 10x10 golf set up, everything but the target net showed up, when I called I was told that was not included, nice whay to get nicked and dime, do your research before buying g from this company

I appreciate you recommending that folks do their homework! I helped you with this order - you changed from the complete Bentley package with an extra impact panel ($1429) to our individual pole kit, cage net, and a custom impact panel that will better hold up to your wear. You were refunded the difference from your original order to a lower total of $924.
I apologize if I missed your request to add that target as i revised your order. However, I'm sure all will agree we are not nickel and diming you when we worked with you to get a customized product at a lower price. I would gladly have added the target for $59, which still would have left you with a lower total than your original purchase.
To those 'doing their homework', please give us a call if you have questions or if we can help in any way.

Mound Yeti™ 2 Pitching Machine
Christian Broussard (Sahuarita, Arizona)

My experience with this company from start to finish has been fantastic. Even before I spent a penny of my hard earned money with them a customer service representative was kind enough to spend 30 minutes with me on the phone and answered all of my questions. It was clear to me that this person believed in the product he is selling and this ultimately increased my willingness to purchase this item. Customer support is everything, I don't buy custom items like this from company's who don't take care of me over the phone, if something goes wrong I need to speak with a human and not a bot and you all know what I am talking about, I know I have the support I am looking for with this company. The shipping promise was spot on! I ordered, next day it shipped, and it arrived in the exact window it was supposed too. Assembly was a breeze, oh and let me tell you, this thing is well built, beefy frame, heavy duty type feel all as advertised.

But let me say something about what really matters. I told my 9 and 10 year old's that we would have a surprise for them on Mondays practice. Let me tell you, those kids had a absolute blast last night man, this machine has injected some serious energy into our club. I cant thank you guys enough for being true to your word and your product. All that matters to me is those kids and you really helped me deliver. We will tote this thing around to every practice and get plenty of work out of it and the boys will benefit greatly. You have earned a customer for life, and you have my business as soon as we are ready to upgrade.

You should have seen it, I had 8 coaches surrounding the machine watching it throw dot after dot after dot, the oohs and ahhs haha, dimple balls is the way to go. Super quite as well, ok enough out of me, keep doing what you guys are doing.

Thank You,

Michael Broussard

We're so excited to have helped you find the perfect machine for your team! Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed review of your experience with our BATA team. We appreciate you entrusting us with those hard earned dollars. We hope to keep earning your business whenever you need balls, screens or any of the other of hundreds of items we sell. Here's to more hits and runs for your team!

BATA Pitching Machines

High Quality

I'm very pleased with the high quality of the components. It went together very easily and I can't think of anything that I can offer in the way of suggestions for improvement. Also ater pricing fence pipe to possibly build my own cage I think your product actually beats that cost. I'm glad I found you guys.

BATA-2 Pitching Machine
Marcus Warren (Atlanta, Georgia)
Awesome Machine

This Bata 2 pitching machine is definitely top notch and I would recommend to anyone in the market. It’s something that you can use in different aspects in developing your game. I purchased this for my son and he loves it. Thanks a ton BATA

First, thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback on the BATA-2 pitching machine. We are so happy to hear that you and your son love this machine. You aren't alone! It's our top seller due to the quality, accuracy, diversity of pitches and amazing 10 year warranty. We appreciate your purchase -thank you for choosing BATA!


Mound Yeti™ 2 Pitching Machine
Adam Spell (Sanford, North Carolina)
Awesome machine

This pitching machine is awesome, I use it for softball and baseball. When using dimple balls it throws a strike almost every time.

Thanks for reviewing the Mound Yeti 2 Pitching Machine. This machine is a great lower cost machine option with higher cost machine features.Thank you for the purchase and enjoy!


3x3 net

Good product. It would be nice to include nylon rope fasteners.

Glad you like your Golf Target Net. Thanks for the suggestion regarding the nylon cord. We appreciate your purchase!


Great Setup

Cage and net are excellent and straightforward to assemble. Very high quality and look to be extremely durable. My goal was max safety and this fits the bill. We have probably hit close to 1000 shots so far. Zero issues. My only suggestion would be to correct the wording on the web site. The site says this package can be ordered with “impact panels”, which I did. It’s actually the “impact net”. Had I know this I would have ordered differently. That said, the impact net works very well.

Thanks for your input and for your purchase. I will work with our web person to make the description more clear.


Bata 20-Bb / 15-Sb Combination Auto Feeder
Kenneth Agee (Cathedral City, California)

Having a hard time getting it to feed balls

Hey, sorry to hear you are having problems with the Auto Feeder. Please give us a call at 800-762-2282 so we can hep you work through this challenge.

#36 Knotless HDPE Batting Cage Net Only (No Frame) - 12ft H x 14ft W x 70ft L
Cindy Bettag-Smith
Great net

We purchased this net to replace our existing net. The quality is very good. Our community park is used by kids of all ages The board is pleased

So happy to hear that your purchase for your community Batting Cage Net meets your expectations. Thanks for choosing BCI for your baseball related items!

Batting Cages Inc.

Adjustment Handle
John (Phoenix, Arizona)
Replacement Handle

Worked great, shipped fast.

Freestanding Trapezoid Batting Cage (Complete)
randy arroyo (Tracy, California)
Top Notch Cage

The cage came as advertised. It was packed with care and the shipping was lightning fast. It took almost the same time to unpack and organize the parts as it took to complete the set up. The cage is sturdy and gives us a peace of mind that if we ever needed to move it we could do so easily. The only adjustment or change I would love to see is an entrance flap into the cage. Other than that the cage is perfect.

We appreciate you letting us know that you are happy with your Trapezoid Batting Cage and that you were able to get it set up quickly.

Batting Cages Inc.

Wildfire practice

Because of fire, our practice range remained closed and needed to ‘resurrect’ my old hitting net. The old impact target was worn out holes began appearing on it with each shot. Fast forward after searching the internet for a replacement and a phone call to Tina, the impact target net arrived by USPS Priority Mail in 4 days. Thank you ParBustets!

Glad Tina got you taken care of with a new golf target and you received it PDQ! Thanks for your purchase and hope that net will help you hone your game.


#36 HDPE Batting Cage Net Only (No Frame)
SEAN MAURICE (Sacramento, California)
Top Shelf Customer Service

Had a cage for 1.5yrs and it started to fail. They completely replaced entire cage , I could have not been happier when they told me they would replace at no charge .

We don't always 'hit it out of the park' but we do our best to try and make things right. Thanks for taking the time to let us know that our service exceeded your expectations.
Swing away!

Batting Cages Inc.

Freestanding Trapezoid Batting Cage (Complete)
Alicia Richey (Baltimore, Maryland)
Amazing Quality- held up during tail end of tropical storm.

We had the tail end of a tropical storm pass through this weekend (East Coast - 9/23/2023). Our 55’ trapezoid cage held up nicely thanks to the overall top notch quality of products BCI provides. I highly suggest purchasing the heavy duty cage stakes to pair with the freestanding cage. The high quality net + sturdiness of the poles, combined with the strength of the heavy duty cage stakes, kept our cage in perfect condition. In fact, I looked outback at one point during the storm and concern for the cage never crossed my mind because the poles were not swaying (I did however take the backstop off the night prior as the winds started moving in just to avoid potential tension on the net). We went to use the cage today and noticed it moved only slightly during the 30-40 mph winds. Thankful we ordered from BCI for the quality of product that held up nicely and extra thankful we took precautions and ordered the heavy duty stakes (these bad boys are LEGIT).

Thank you BCI for providing amazing products and exceptional customer service.

Heavy Duty Batting Cage Stake Down Kit
Alicia Richey (Baltimore, Maryland)
Worth every penny!

We had the tail end of a tropical storm pass through this weekend (East Coast - 9/23/2023). Our 55’ trapezoid cage held up nicely thanks to the overall top notch quality of products. Apparently the cage moved slightly due to the winds, but these heavy duty stakes sealed the deal. Thankful we took the extra precautions because these bad boys are LEGIT.

Thank you BCI for providing amazing products and exceptional customer service.

Thanks for the feedback and so glad you are happy with you 55' Trapezoid Batting Cage. This model and size is our most popular with our customers. The Heavy Duty Stakes are indeed 'legit.' We hope everyone who uses your cage increases their batting average by 50-100 points!

Batting Cages Inc

Ultra Duty Delta Golf Impact Panel
Chris (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Hole in net after 2 months

I hung this net in my basement. The ceilings aren't high enough to take a full swing but I've already worn a hole in the net using only a pitching wedge and 9-iron.

We are sorry to hear about your 10 x 10 ultra duty net. I would love to speak to you about this situation.

Give me a call.
800 933 6387



KVX200™ Premium Batting Cage Package Deal
Mike (Walnut Creek, California)
Great cage system for home use

Overall we are very happy with our cage that we put up on our property for home use.

I went with the 70 foot cage and it was a decent size project for me as I did it alone with some help from my 11 year old son. It took me a month in total because I only had a couple hours here and there. This included time to lay down turf, excavate for concrete footings and mix the concrete, etc. I was able to put the actual cage up in half a day ( solo ) and another 3 hours for the netting. I consider myself very mechanically inclined. The job would go much faster with help.

Here are some key learnings:
1) the netting is awesome. True to size. Not tangled and went up way easier than I thought.

2) the armadillo L guard is super heavy duty and I feel very safe behind it. Feel like pro quality.

3) the pole diameter and thickness is clearly listed on the site, however my opinion is they aren’t commercial quality. Most if not all of the pole sections require 4 interlocking sections to complete. The tolerances aren’t perfect and for the long spans you end up with bowing and sagging in the tubes at the joints. This doesn’t impact the function of the cage, but I have to assume this was done so it could ship easier on a pallet vs shipping with long 18 foot tube spans. For reference, the armadillo screen tubes are significantly more heavy duty vs the cage tubes. I feel good about the tubes for my home use.

4) it’s critical you take the time to layout your footings correctly. Again, I’m pretty handy so I know how to use string lines and how to square up long runs and check the diagonals.

5) the packaging was perfect 10/10. Everything was clearly labeled, complete and arrived in perfect condition on a pallet.

6) I would read the instructions before you purchase and read them again before you install. I would also watch the YouTube video. There are some small changes between the YouTube video and instructions. Fortunately all my fasteners came tied already with clips installed. Very grateful for this haha.

7) so far the cage is working perfect for my 11 year old son. I’m glad I got the 70x14 as we have good room to workout without feeling crowded.

8) I would buy this again and I would recommend to friends.

Customer service has really stepped up and helped me out
Customer service has went out of there way too help there customers
The pitching machine is great

BATA-1 Pitching Machine
Terry Hardtke (San Jose, California)
The customer has been very pleased.

I’d sell more of these machines but I have dealer pricing with another company.

I have had this net up for approximately two months now, This net is well made and I’m sure it will hold up for a long time. My kids have probably already hit 1000+ balls in it and not one issue.