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10 Ways To Abuse Your New Pitching Machine

10 Ways To Abuse Your New Pitching Machine

1. Overload your machine

Feeding balls too quickly and not allowing the motor speeds to recover is hard on the motors.

2. Ignore Basic Maintenance

Neglecting regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection can lead to premature wear and tear.

3. Don't Properly Set Up or Read Instructions

Failing to correctly assemble or fully understand operation will hurt your machine and potentially you or your kids.

4. Use Regular Baseballs

While they won't ruin your machine, regular baseballs shorten wheel life and are less accurate than low-seam and dimpled balls.

5. Using Damaged Balls

Using balls with cracks or deformities can damage the machine or cause erratic pitching.

6. Ignore Safety Precautions

Not following safety guidelines, such as touching the wheels with objects or your hands while spinning, can lead to accidents.

7. Leave it Out in the Weather

The sun will shorten the wheel life, and rain will ruin the control board and motors. If you move the machine around regularly (such as in and out of a garage), a transport kit is recommended.

8. Adjusting Beyond Limits

Extreme adjustments to speed, angle, or trajectory beyond the machine's capabilities can cause damage.

9. Misuse of Controls

Mishandling the control panel or forcefully adjusting settings can lead to electrical issues or mechanical failures.

10. Neglecting Power Requirements

The wrong power source or voltage can damage the machine's electrical components. See "Power Sources" in the manual. 
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