BATA B-1 Curveball Pitching Machine

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Can be used for Baseball, Softball, or Combination.

  • In Softball mode, it may only be used in the lower delivery positions.

USA Made Solid State Speed Control, Dial, And Speed Control Box

  • Gives the most reliable pitch speed, adjustability, and longevity on the market.

USA Made Motor

  • Manufactured specifically for BATA to our specification.
  • Motors perform better and last longer because they are doing exactly what they are made to do.
  • Made in the USA


  • USA made steel with USA applied powder coating which gives BATA machines protection against rusting, pitting, and chipping.
  • The frame is stronger for more consistent performance.
  • Weighs just 60 lbs.

USA-Made Cast Aluminum Wheels

  • By Edelbrock with soft tread Goodyear rubber.
  • Truest running, longest lasting pitching machine wheel on the market for longevity of use with consistent performance.

Feed Chute Adjustable Knobs

  • Allows feed chute to be rotated.
  • Feed chute needs to rotate to center the ball delivery when the unit is set for curveballs.
  • Greatly improves pitch consistency.

Steel Feed Chute

  • Will not warp.
  • Easily and effectively centers the ball for a greater pitch consistency.

Steel Handle Bar

  • Easier to handle and carry.

Steel Fender Around Wheel

  • It's there for safety.
  • Greatly reduces inadvertent contact with the wheel.

Adjustable Auto-Lock Handles

  • Solid steel construction.
  • Incorporates positive engagement.
  • The handle is not prone to breakage like typical handles and it gives a much more positive stop than typical jamb bold.

Will Throw

  • Up to 70mph fastballs & curveballs and pop flys.
  • You can change the spin on straight pitches.
  • You can use leather baseballs or BATA dimpled baseballs.

What Do I Need For Auto Feeding?

  • BATA-1 Curveball Pitching Machine
  • Auto Feeder
  • Dimpled Balls

What Do I Need For Manual Feeding?

  • The BATA-1 Curveball Pitching Machine only.