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Introducing Tanner Tees

Joe H. Tanner Baseball Products is a family-owned company that produces the industry-standard batting tee called the Tanner Tee. Joe Tanner, a retired coach with almost fifty years of experience in baseball, founded the company. He realized the need for a lightweight, portable and adjustable tee that could be transported from the cage to the field in any personal equipment bag. He developed the first Tanner Tee prototype that held its height based on friction mechanics and earned three patents for his invention.


Today, Tanner Tees are used in big league batting cages, thousands of college and high school programs, and training facilities all around the world. They have a proven durability of 25 years and are hand-rolled in Sarasota, Florida, by a skilled crew of tee technicians. The company operates through a network of local team dealers and baseball training facilities. Joe Tanner passed operations to his family members in 2012, and they continue to build tees using the same proven principles that he instilled in the company. Tanner Tees is dedicated to maintaining its reputation as the industry standard batting tee.