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Iron Mike Model MP-5 Pitching Machine

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All of the Iron Mike Pitching Machines are arm-style, which means with each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. This gives the batter the same sense of timing achieved by watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine (the only type of pitching machine of its kind) that allows you to practice the same fundamentals during practice as you use on the field during a real game.

Optional positive feed control unit sold separately.

Note: Delivery time for all Iron Mike pitching machines is about 12-15 weeks.


  • Throws 25-80 mph
  • Ball rack holds 38 baseballs or 28 softballs
  • Heavy-duty arm and hand system
  • Easily converted from baseball to softball (softball arm sold separately)
  • Built-in low voltage remote control with 80-foot cord
  • 4-wheel transport for quick, easy moving
  • Lockable arm guard cover
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Electrically powered - 115 volt A.C. motor


  • Dimensions: 56inx 30inW x 56inH
  • Weight: 480 lbs