LPM9 Low Seam Baseball (dozen)

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With these low seam balls, your practice becomes just like the game. The ball is 9” in diameter and covered with full grain leather just like game balls. The difference is the seams. These balls have flat seams made from Kevlar so they won’t break, or tear up your pitching machine. The core of the ball is made from cork and rubber so it reacts just like a game ball.

The LPM9 low seam baseballs make practice more like real game play. Regular dimpled machine balls don't look like real game balls, don't feel like real game balls, and don't react like real game balls, but we still use them to accommodate pitching machines. This not only makes practice ineffective, but players can develop habits from using dimpled balls during practice only to be surprised by the way a real ball reacts during game time.

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