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Mastodon™ Engineered Batting Cage System

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Original price $6,125.00 - Original price $11,905.00
Original price $6,125.00
$8,669.00 - $16,379.00
Current price $8,669.00
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The Mastodon™ batting cage frame system includes 8.625″ outside diameter structural steel pipes coated with the same finish used on the Alaska Pipeline. It has fewer components and offers free and clear spans up to 85′ in either direction – without significant sag. The poles come entirely prepared to accept our tensioning hardware. The cable tensioning system ensures that your net will hang adequately and needs no special tools. 

*Note: Due to size, weight, and shipping distances, a custom shipping quote is required.

What's Included
  • Single or multi-stall options
  • Cable tensioning system
  • Installation available
  • 20-year pole warranty
  • 5-year limited net warranty (Learn more)
#42 KVX200 Beartrap Batting Cage Net

Our Beartrap™ net is simply the best outdoor commercial batting cage available. An excellent choice for a high-end backyard net, but also perfectly suitable for commercial applications! We have sold thousands of these cages to colleges, professional baseball teams, and municipalities.

Beartrap premium netting contains a UV inhibitor with a polymer commonly used in bulletproof vests. We extruded the individual fibers and braided them into twine. Lastly, we dipped the twine in a black carbon-based dye, adding UV protection and color stability. For quality assurance, we conducted side-by-side comparisons of KVX200™ and nylon. We found that these enhancements significantly extend the outdoor life of our netting. Our Beartrap netting remains intact and dark black while nylon slowly breaks down and fades to brown.

5x7 Vinyl Backdrop

Extend the life of your batting cage with our heavy-duty vinyl backdrop. This backdrop panel is 5' wide x 7' tall and is designed to take a beating from pitching machines.

Note: Please do not attach the lower corners of the vinyl backdrop tight to the net. Doing so will cause the net to tear from heightened wear. We recommend 6" of slack with twine or bungee loops.

8.625" Steel Poles with Corrosion-Resistant Coating

All poles are corrosion dipped, finished with STRYK 5388, and sealed with a welded top cap preventing internal corrosion. STRYK 5388 forms a solid coating that bonds to the substrate, preventing corrosion even if the coating is scratched or damaged. STRYK 5388 is a thick rust-inhibitive coating used on the Alaska pipeline with a high degree of impermeability to moisture. The finish remains highly flexible and elastic in extreme temperatures. It will not support fungal growth in humid or water-immersed environments or crack in extreme weather conditions.

Cable Tensioning System

Our cable tensioning system uses galvanized hardware, including 3/16" aircraft cable, cable clamps, thimble eye nuts, eye bolts, institutional-grade threaded rods, and curved washers. To achieve the proper cable tension, the poles in the system shown have 11.5' exposed and approximately 4.5' in the ground.

Multi Stall Mastodon™

Two Mastodon™ batting cages side by side, sharing the center poles. This system helps you save money on materials, labor, and shipping costs. Each cage is two feet apart so that balls from one lane will not injure players in another lane. Additional configurations are available by calling (800) 463-6865 (triple, quad, etc). All of the information listed above applies to this option.

*Be advised: Customer must be present to unload the shipment. Additional people/equipment (extended forks) may be required depending on the order size. 

Batting Cages Inc. will not cover any weather-related damage to your cage.