ProMound 5070 Youth Game Mound

SKU promound-5070-youth-game-mound-31-clay

ProMounds 5070 Youth Game Pitching Mound

This quality designed portable pitcher’s mound can easily convert your softball field into a youth league baseball field instantly. Perfect for pitching a live game or to use for baseball pitching practice to simulate a real game. Manufactured with high density foam and protected for durability.

  • Durability built in using our patented ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology. 
  • Converts your softball field into a Little League field instantly.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Full size length allows you to pitch from the rubber and still land on the pitching mound.
  • Official Little League pitching mound height specs
  • This style pitchers mound is available in Green and Clay color turf.

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