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Transport Wheels Kit for BATA-2

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New larger (10″ x 3″) Transport Wheels for BATA-2 give you more ground clearance and a wider base.

Wheel brackets bolt right onto the BATA-2 frame.  Just tilt the head of the machine so the wheels are horizontal, lower the head of the machine to the ground, and use the legs for handles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Ray Nemtz (Warren, Ohio)
Transport Wheel Kit

A must have to easily move Bata 2. Well worth the money

Glad you like the Transport Wheel Kit for the BATA 2 Pitching Machine. You must have bought this several months ago as we now offer this kit standard on all BATA 2 machines. Customer feedback regarding the difficulty of moving the machine without the wheels led us to offer them as 'standard equipment' now. We appreciate your feedback and your purchase!

Steve T
Batting Cages Inc

Mike Simmons (Hastings, Nebraska)

Transport Wheels Kit for BATA-2

Glad you like the Transport Wheels Kit for your BATA pitching machine. The kit really does make moving this machine around much safer and easier. We appreciate your purchase and wish you a fantastic baseball season.

Steve T

Tim (Oceanside, California)
Must have

I have had my bata 2 for a while and finally got these wheels for the machine. I tell you, these are a must have. I see now that they sell them w the machine. If you got the old version of the machine. Buy this kit. Worth it!!

So glad you like the wheel kit for the Bata 2 pitching machine. We agree with you so much, that as you said it now comes STANDARD on the Bata2 pitching machine. Enjoy and keep swinging for the fence!


Doug McCulloch (Wichita Falls, Texas)
Wichita Falls Wheels

Having the wheel kit is absolutely the way to go if you need to move the pitching machine to different locations. Works great!

Hi Doug,

Thank you for your great review of your Transport Wheels Kit for BATA-2. We're so thrilled to hear it's making your life easier. We is a must. Our pitching machines are definitely heavy duty. Thank you for choosing Batting Cages Inc. We look forward to serving you in the future. Happy New Year.

Brook Korthuis
Batting Cages Inc.

Ken Davidson (Tampa, Florida)
Transport Wheels

The transport wheels work great. Because the weight of the Bata-2 combo machine is very heavy, the wheels make moving the machine extremely easy. It’s an inexpensive addition for any machine that allows for easy moving without causing back strains. It’s definitely worth the small investment.

Hi Ken,

Thank you so much for your great review of your Transport Wheels Kit for BATA-2. We're so thrilled it's working out great for you, makes your transitions extremely easy, and was well worth the investment. We hope you get many, many years of use out of it. Thank you for choosing Hey BATA. We wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!

Brook Korthuis