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How Big Does a Backyard Batting Cage Need To Be?

How Big Does a Backyard Batting Cage Need To Be?

We recommend getting a backyard batting cage that is at least 14ft wide. This will give the batter a realistic practice space, allowing them to develop good batting habits. Two styles of cages that we'd suggest are the Commercial and the Mastodon.

Our commercial style batting cage packages are designed with the room necessary to perform like the pros. Constructed with tubing that runs the entire width and length of the cage and is fastened at each junction. Our commercial frame design is strong and easy to assemble. We have sold thousands of these over the years for virtually every application and have had great success with these systems.

The trapezoid style cage is a free-standing batting cage system. To get the trapezoid shape, it's designed to be 10 feet wide at the top and 14.5 feet wide at the bottom which gives the cage great stability while being completely portable and allows more flexibility if you have limited space. This system can be set up in roughly 30 minutes and when you're done you can tear it down and pack it up. 

The Trapezoid model is the perfect batting cage for the budget conscious buyer without sacrificing quality.

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