Freestanding Trapezoid Premium Batting Cage Package Deal

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Batting Cage Installation Instructions

The freestanding trapezoid batting cage package is our most popular and affordable batting cage system. The HDPE #32 netting has a trapezoid shape just like the frame so you can utilize the full width of the cage which makes it an excellent choice for a batting cage net.

This Package Includes:
  • #32 HDPE Batting Cage Net
  • Frame Kit With 1 3/8″ Powdercoated Steel Poles
  • Standard L-Screen
  • 5’x7’ Vinyl Backdrop Panel
  • Stake Down Kit
The Net

Some systems hang a square net directly down from the top of the frame, so the extra width at the bottom of the cage is unusable, and the cage still takes up valuable yard space. This net has a trapezoid shape just like the frame so you can utilize the full width of the cage.

Standard L-Screen

Our standard L-Screen has been around for many years. Featuring heavy-duty 1.5″ O.D. steel tubing with locking snap-pin construction, it is easy to assemble and to store in the off-season. The non-reflective black powder-coated finish looks fantastic and provides superior protection against the elements.

Vinyl Backdrop

Extend the life of your batting cage with our heavy duty vinyl backdrop. This backdrop panel is 5' wide x 7' tall and is designed to take a beating from pitching machines.


Our batting cage frames are constructed with 1-3/8" outside diameter powder coated steel tubing. the tubing diameter before you buy! Many companies sell frames with much smaller tubing. If your batting cage frame will be exposed to the wind, you will need at least 1-3/8" outside diameter tubing. Our powder coated black holds up very well to strong sun or rain and looks great for years to come.

Stake Down Kit

The Trapezoid Batting Cage Anchoring System includes 12" aluminum stakes designed with kinks to ensure stakes do not easily pull out of the ground.

Customer Reviews

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Freestanding Trapezoid Premium Batting Cage Package Deal

Quality cage priced right

The net material is strong. The metal structure is adequate maybe more than adequate. You have to be careful to keep the trapezoid form. The powder coating is also more than adequate but can come off a bit during construction. Compared to any else I have seen this has to be best available and we do enjoy it. That is for sure. I did up reinforcing the angles to the legs by inserting a heavy pipe inside the factory tubing. I recommend this from ground up if you have wind concerns.

Freestanding Trapezoid Premium Batting Cage Package Deal.

Bought for my 15 yr old son who plays National level travel. Took us (mom and son) 2 hrs to put together. He has been out 2x a day since. Highly recommend.

Great Cage with minor defect not mentioned.

I am overall happy with my purchase of the 55' cage. it works well and serves its purpose. The only issues I have and didn't see anything listed in the comments was some of the bolts get stripped fairly easily. There is also and issue with the bolt placement. The bolts are mounted on the inner part of the cage so when hitting, the balls that are hit into the bolts get cut open making the balls defective and over time unusable.


Everything was perfect