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Iron Horse Batting Cage System

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SKU PDB-12X12X35-K42-IH
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The Iron Horse is BCI’s newest shoebox style batting cage system. Powerfully filling the gap between our Commercial and Mastodon systems. Combining strength and stability with a small footprint, and easy installation. The Iron Horse stands strong without sacrificing space or flexibility. 

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The Iron Horses' strength begins with a 4” steel frame at each end of the cage. The frame comes ready to accept our tension hardware and cable system. This system ensures our KVX200 Nets will hang properly without significant sag. 

Stability for the Iron Horse is a function of our engineering and design teams' industry-leading innovation. When our cabling system is tightened, the top of the cage will fall inwards, and the bottom will kick out away from the tension. We combat this movement with an innovative back-bracing system. Unlike a typical brace that extends out away from the cage, our system runs parallel towards the center to create a stable four-point platform, while saving you space.

Note: Please do not attach the lower corners of the vinyl back drop tight to the net. Doing so will cause the net to tear from heightened wear. We recommend 6" of slack with twine or bungee loops.


Concrete Free: Using our 18” Heavy Duty Ground Stakes, the Iron Horse is easy to install. No holes, cement or special tools are required, provided that your soil conditions are suitable. Stakes will not have sufficient holding power in sand, fresh fill, nor overly saturated ground.

Concrete: This batting cage can be securely installed using j-bolts for anchoring into concrete. 

Footprint Size

The size of the footprint is different from the net size. This cages frame is bigger than the net size. If you choose a net size of 12ft wide your footprint will be 14ft 5in wide. If you choose a net size of 14ft wide the footprint will be 16ft 5in wide. For the length, add 5ft to the net size.

Example: A 12ft W x 55ft L net size will have a 14ft 5in W x 60ft L total footprint. 

Included in this package

  • #42 KVX200™ Bear Trap Net
  • 4” OD powder coated steel poles
  • 16 heavy duty ground stakes or 16 J-bolts
  • Includes all required hardware for setup
  • Vinyl backdrop w/ 2 hanging cords


  • Available Lengths: 35', 55’ or 70'
  • Available Widths: 12' or 14'
  • The height of each cage is: 12'
  • 4" OD steel frame
  • Concrete or concrete free installation

Note: This item is shipped on a pallet that weighs over 1,000 lbs. Each Iron Horse is shipped with a bottle of matching touch up paint to address blemishes that may occur in transit.

Disclaimer: Weather related damage (wind, snow, etc.) to batting cage poles are not covered or considered a defect.