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Will a 35’ Batting Cage Work With a Pitching Machine?

Will a 35’ Batting Cage Work With a Pitching Machine?

Many customers often ask whether a 35-foot batting cage is suitable for use with a pitching machine. While a longer cage generally provides a better experience, we understand that space and budget constraints may limit your options. Here are some important considerations:
  • Machine specifications: Pitching machines have specific requirements and capabilities. Manufacturers typically provide guidelines on optimal distances for their machines, which may range from 40 to 60 feet. These guidelines consider factors such as pitching speed, ball trajectory, and safety. It's important to review the specifications provided by the machine's manufacturer to determine if your 35-foot batting cage meets their requirements.
  • Safety considerations: Safety is paramount when using pitching machines. A shorter distance between the machine and the batter reduces reaction time, potentially increasing the risk of injury. Take into account the machine's pitching speed and ensure that batters have enough time to react and make adjustments safely. In a confined space like a 35-foot batting cage, batters might not have adequate time to respond, compromising safety.
  • Realistic practice experience: The goal of using a pitching machine is to simulate real game scenarios and develop proper hitting techniques. In a smaller batting cage, the reduced pitching distance can alter the trajectory and timing of pitches, particularly off-speed pitches. This limitation may hinder batters' ability to track the ball effectively and adjust their swings accordingly, potentially diminishing the practice session's quality and realism. Many pitching machines can reduce their pitching speed to accommodate a shorter pitching distance. These machines can be very effective at fastball pitches dialed in for the age and skill of the batter.
Bata 1 Pitching Machine


Bata 2 Pitching Machine

As a manufacturer of BATA pitching machines, we offer machines suitable for use in any cage we sell. Our line of BATA machines are made from premium USA parts, like Edelbrock cast wheels and solid rubber tires made by Goodyear. We are so confident in the quality of these pitching machines we offer an industry leading 10 year warranty. Our competitors offer 1, 2 and occasionally a 5 year warranty. Check out what customers are saying about our pitching machines and batting cages. 

Give us a call and let us help you put together a cage, pitching machine and accessories for cage for your backyard or garage.
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