KVX200™ Batting Cage Nets

When it comes to batting cage netting, KVX200™ gives you the most bang for your buck. With UV inhibitors being embedded right into the fibers, you can't wear off the protective coating on this netting. Being both cost-effective and of quality materials, KVX200™ is the go-to for batting cage netting - indoors or out.

KVX200™ premium netting contains a UV inhibitor with polymer commonly used in bulletproof vests. We extrude the individual fibers and braid them into twine. Lastly, we dip the twine in a black carbon-based dye, adding UV protection and color stability.

Net Twine Sizes Available:


For quality assurance, we conducted side-by-side comparisons of KVX200™ and Nylon. Nylon has a better initial break strength, but after a few years of outdoor exposure, it began to deteriorate at a faster rate than KVX200™. Over time, we've found KVX200™ remains intact and dark black while Nylon slowly breaks down and fades to brown.