Freestanding Trapezoid Batting Cage [Complete]

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Batting Cage Installation Instructions

Please note the 55' frame kits are backordered until mid May due to supply line issues.  Thank you for your understanding.  


The freestanding trapezoid batting cage is our most popular and affordable batting cage system. The HDPE #32 netting has a trapezoid shape just like the frame so you can utilize the full width of the cage which makes it an excellent choice for a batting cage net.

Cage dimensions are as follows:
  • 15 feet wide at the bottom.
  • 10 feet wide at the top.
  • 10 feet tall.
  • Lengths come in three sizes: 35 feet long, 55 feet long and 70 feet long.
  • Need a custom size batting cage?
This Package Includes:
  • #32 HDPE Batting Cage Net (2 Year Warranty)
  • Frame Kit With 1 3/8″ Corner Connectors and Powdercoated Steel Poles
The Net

Some systems hang a square net directly down from the top of the frame, so the extra width at the bottom of the cage is unusable, and the cage still takes up valuable yard space. This net has a trapezoid shape just like the frame so you can utilize the full width of the cage.


Our batting cage frames are constructed with 1-3/8″ outside diameter powder-coated steel tubing. Please…compare tubing diameter before you buy! Many companies sell frames with much smaller tubing. If your batting cage frame will be exposed to the wind, you will need at least 1-3/8″ outside diameter tubing, and you will need to secure  the frame to the ground. A batting cage net acts like a sail. Enough wind... it will lift of the ground. Stake it  down, in extreme winds, take it down. Our powder-coated black holds up very well to strong sun or rain and looks great for years to come. This kit includes all the pieces you'll need to put your batting cage together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Best Bang for the Buck! 55ft

Works as advertised! Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Shipped quickly with everything in tact. Customer service is always on time and very helpful.



Freestanding Trapezoid Batting Cage [Complete]

35ft Cage

Great cage. Easy to assemble. My 14 year old daughter and I assembled it in about 2 hours. Very sturdy metal. Added a Zooka pitching machine. Very pleased.

Solid investment it's Made my Boys Great Hitters

They say "if you build it they will come "well with this type of Batting Cage set up my kids get in it every day for BP and Tee work! It is an investment worth its weight in gold and my Boys are Great Hitters because they can do their workouts at Home or prepare for upcoming Travel or Varisty game!
Highly recommended product!

Freestanding Trapezoid batting cage

very happy with this batting cage it was easily assembled, sturdy, and fit perfectly in the yard space i designated for it