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The Thumper Premium Batting Cage

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The Thumper Premium Batting Cage package is a fantastic cage, offering you the most bang for your buck. Replacing our now discontinued "KVX200 Premium Batting Cage," the Thumper features sturdier 2" poles compared to the KVX200's 1-5/8" poles, making it much stronger. With #42 KVX200 netting, our most robust option, it is an excellent choice for a high-end backyard cage and will also hold up in a commercial setting. The KVX200 netting provides ultimate UV protection and doesn't absorb water, so you won't have to worry about it shrinking or rotting. This cage includes our strongest protective L-screen to protect you from batted balls and a vinyl backdrop to protect your netting. Additionally, it includes an integrated door for easy access.

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What's Included

*Note: Mats and other accessories may be shown in pictures but are not included. Please reference this list above for what is included in the package.

#42 KVX200 Batting Cage Net

Our Beartrap™ net is simply the best outdoor commercial batting cage available. An excellent choice for a high-end backyard net, but also perfectly suitable for commercial applications! We have sold thousands of these cages to colleges, professional baseball teams, and municipalities.

Beartrap premium netting contains a UV inhibitor with a polymer commonly used in bulletproof vests. We extruded the individual fibers and braided them into twine. Lastly, we dipped the twine in a black carbon-based dye, adding UV protection and color stability. For quality assurance, we conducted side-by-side comparisons of KVX200™ and nylon. We found that these enhancements significantly extend the outdoor life of our netting. Our Beartrap netting remains intact and dark black while nylon slowly breaks down and fades to brown.

5x7 Vinyl Backdrop

Extend the life of your batting cage with our heavy-duty vinyl backdrop. This backdrop panel is 5' wide x 7' tall and is designed to take a beating from pitching machines.

Note: Please do not attach the lower corners of the vinyl backdrop tight to the net. Doing so will cause the net to tear from heightened wear. We recommend 6" of slack with twine or bungee loops.

2" O.D. Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Poles

Our Thumper Batting Cage frames are constructed with 2" outside diameter galvanized powder-coated steel tubing. If your batting cage frame will be exposed to the wind, you will need at least 2" outer diameter tubing. Our black powder coating holds up very well to intense sun or rain and will look great for years.

7x7 Armadillo Protective L-Screen

The Armadillo is the heaviest and most durable baseball pitching screen we've ever sold. Many major league players use the Armadillo at their training facilities or homes! It incorporates the best features found on any available commercial-grade L-Screen.


This package includes everything you'll need for a complete installation except concrete.

The size of the footprint is different from the net size. This cage's frame is larger than the net size to give some space between the net and poles. If you choose a net size of 12ft wide, your ground sleeves will be placed at 14ft 9in wide. If you select a net size of 14ft wide, you will place them at 16ft wide. For the length, add 2ft to the net size.

Example: A 12ft W x 55ft L net size will have a 14ft 9in W x 57ft L total footprint. 

Concrete or Concrete-Free Ground Sleeves

The ground sleeves are necessary if you plan to take your frame down during the off-season. Ground sleeves significantly add to the stability of your batting cage frame. This package has the option of concrete ground sleeves or concrete-free ground sleeves.

Assembly requires 3-4 people.

Assembly Instructions

Click here to see the assembly instructions.

Disclaimer: Weather-related damage (wind, snow, etc.) to batting cage poles are not covered or considered a defect. 

*This product is not the Commercial/KVX200 Batting Cage, which has been discontinued.