Mound Yeti™ 1: Garage Sale

//Mound Yeti™ 1: Garage Sale

Mound Yeti™ 1: Garage Sale

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The Mound Yeti™ is one of the most versatile pitching machines on the market. Pitch speeds are adjustable from 30 – 60 mph. With a heavy duty solid wheel, air pressure problems are eliminated. Comes with 2 ball chutes to switch between baseball and softball. The machine also comes with heavy-duty steel legs that are reversible to vary pitch height.

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  1. Rich G

    Can this use any type of ball (dimpled, soft, etc.)?

    • BCI

      Yes, it can throw any type of ball. Dimpled balls are preferred for accuracy, repeatability, and longevity. This is true for virtually any pitching machine.

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