Freestanding Trapezoid Batting Cage - Home Run Edition

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If you’re interested in our freestanding trapezoid batting cage package but would like a heavier duty option, the home run edition includes the corner kit, stake down kit, net backdrop, and net. The HDPE #32 netting has a trapezoid shape just like the frame so you can utilize the full width of the cage which makes it an excellent choice for a batting cage net. You must purchase your own poles from Lowes or Home Depot

Cage dimensions are as follows:
  • 15 feet wide at the bottom.
  • 10 feet wide at the top.
  • 10 feet tall.
  • Lengths come in three sizes: 35 feet long, 55 feet long and 70 feet long.
  • Need a custom size batting cage?
  • This Kit Includes:
    • #32 HDPE Batting Cage Net (2 Year Warranty)
    • Corner Kit
    • Stake Down Kit
    • Net Backdrop
    The Net

    Some systems hang a square net directly down from the top of the frame, so the extra width at the bottom of the cage is unusable, and the cage still takes up valuable yard space. This net has a trapezoid shape just like the frame so you can utilize the full width of the cage.

    Trapezoid Batting Cage Frame Corner Kit

    This kit includes all the connector pieces you'll need to put together your batting cage. Those pieces fit 1-3/8 inch (or 32mm, outside diameter) galvanized steel pipe from any local hardware supply store.

    Net Backdrop

    Extend the life of your batting cage with our net backdrop. This 5' wide x 7' tall panel is ideal for your trapezoid cage and is designed to absorb the impact of the pitched ball.

    Stake Down Kit

    The Trapezoid Batting Cage Anchoring System includes 12" aluminum stakes designed with kinks to ensure stakes do not easily pull out of the ground.

    What you'll need to complete your DIY batting cage frame:
    • For the 35' frame you'll need:   (21) 9 foot 10.5-inch poles and (2) 5-foot poles.
    • For the 55' frame you'll need:   (31) 9 foot 10.5-inch poles and (2) 5-foot poles.
    • For the 70' frame you'll need:   (38) 9 foot 10.5 inch poles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it!

Pretty easy setup. We supplied our one poles. The factory poles would of probably made it a bit easier to set up. We were still pleased when it was all done.

Great cage

Easy instructions, took less than an hour to build

Prewar cage

Worth the investment. Easy to set up if you buy the poles that are included. The poles make it worth it. Took less than 1 hour to set up. The trapezoid shape is conducive to taking BP without feeling claustrophobic.

Good Cage

It’s a good cage and is movable, so it’s not considered a permanent structure. No permit needed!! I bought the top rail cyclone fence posts. Cut off the smaller end to size. From Home Depot. 38 post for 70 foot.

Very nice kit!

We got the 70ft kit and it is great! The customer service is outstanding! The instructions that came with the kit could use more detail. Some parts were included but no mention in the instructions how to attach them. Customer service has been helpful in figuring it out.